environmental consulting, litigation support and insurance claims management

Richard H. Doran, M.S, CHMM, LSRP, Principal

Mr. Doran has developed his skills through his experience in both the public and private sectors. Beginning his career with the Westchester County Department of Environmental Quality provided valuable experience in the various areas of environmental regulation, standards and compliance. In his role as agent of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gained significant understanding of the public health impacts associated with substandard air and water quality. He was a technical advisor to the Long Island Sound Study (LISS), providing data and reports associated with impacts of both point and non point sources to the estuary. In his role as government official, Mr. Dorans reports were regularly involved in compliance hearings and he provided testimony in legal proceedings.

With a firm understanding of the complex framework of environmental regulation, Mr. Doran moved from government to assisting private clients with environmental compliance matters. For the past 25 years he has worked with just three consulting firms, two which were based in Florida giving him exposure to a significant geographic slice of the east coast. Though based in the northeast, he has provided direct management of projects throughout the country, becoming familiar with both the differences and commonalities of regulations in different States. Continually testing emerging and innovative technologies, Mr. Doran is constantly renewing the program in the areas of investigation and remediation of environmentally impaired sites. He maintains a high level of project communication with his engineers, geologists, and regulatory representatives in order to apply the best available technology to a site while striking the balance between environmental quality and ever present economic considerations.

Major Areas of Expertise include:

  • RI/FS studies
  • LNAPL/DNAPL assessment and remediation
  • Brownfield Initiatives
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Negotiated Settlements
  • Expert Testimony
  • Multi State Regulatory knowledge

Project Experience

Northeast Locations

  • Mr. Doran was Project Manager for a Fortune 100 company to perform underground storage tank removals for this major retailer at sites throughout the northeast. He handled design of the program for the portfolio to ensure efficiency and cost containment. Provided coordination with regulatory agencies in each involved State and directed staff of specific technical requirements. Oversaw all reporting and designed tracking system to ensure site closure. Provided technical oversite and input on all stages of remediation of soil and groundwater. Designed treatment systems where required and worked with engineers on construction and startup. Provided vetting, selection and coordination of all subcontracts. Personally visited and acted as interface to individual store management where operations were potentially impacted.

Insurance Investigation
Redwood City, California

  • For an insurance client Mr. Doran conducted an investigation into a $1M + claim involving a gasoline station and the loss of product from an underground storage tank which threatened a public water supply. Through data review, site investigation, and forensic analysis, Mr. Doran revealed the true source of contamination which was inconsistent with original information provided by the insured. Mr. Doran, working with outside council, provided reports and testimony which ultimately relieved the client of responsibility in the matter.

JFK International Airport, NY

  • Mr. Doran worked with the Port Authority (PANY) and individual airline representatives to inventory, assess and provide remedial strategies for all subsurface holding tanks at this major metropolitan airport.

Regulatory Compliance
Site in the Meadowlands, NJ

  • Acting in his capacity of Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), Mr. Doran successfully documented proper site closure of historically contaminated parcel that was converted to public use. As the site was adjacent to a larger Publically Funded Remediation (PFR) site, Mr. Doran worked with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to develop the required technical information allowing the parcel to be considered for incorporation into the closure of the PFR site.


  • City University of New York, Hunter College
    School of Health Sciences. Master of Science
    Major Concentration: Environmental and Occupational Health Science
  • State University of New York, Purchase, New York
    Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies
    Concentration in Environmental Science