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Litigation Support

The arena of environmental litigation can be complex, but Dorson has seamlessly provided technical assistance and expert witness to environmental attorneys as a part of winning litigation strategy. Dorson understands the distinctiveness of each litigation case but our mission remains consistent, to not only inform our clients on the scientific and technical aspects of the case but to educate by fashioning the facts in a laymen manner and presenting structured strategies from an environmental standpoint. Our staff has enhanced the litigation efforts in a variety of environmental litigation cases that pertain to insurance litigation, cost allocation, and product liability.

The nature of our litigation and expert witness services involves:

  • Forensic evaluation and assessment in support of your case that can potentially avoid a trial
  • Advising responsible parties involved in RCRA site remediations
  • Navigating Brownfield Cleanup agreements with clients and regulatory agencies.
  • Project managerial operations including proposal preparation and litigation strategy design
  • Work with clients to develop appropriate responses to regulatory compliance notices or complaints from State and Federal agencies.
  • Data review and interpretation for legal comprehension
  • Graphic and visual testimony representation
  • Validity of findings including source identification and estimation as well as timing and duration of contaminant impact
  • Peer review and preparation of expert witness reports
  • Providing technical support for matters of due diligence.