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Environmental Consulting

Environmental Site Assessment and Due Diligence
Dorson Environmental Management performs a vast array of environmental site assessments and investigations, including Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments, customized to serve our client’s unique circumstance in both the private and public sectors. Our dedicated specialists possess hands on experience conducting subsurface site and remedial investigations with strong risk assessment capabilities. Our project involvements have included, but are not limited to, the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination of volatile/semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), petroleum compounds, and lead as well as facility mold and asbestos.

Dorson evaluates subject properties for the potential presence of environmental liabilities pertaining to real estate due diligence and insurance claims by conducting an environmental assessment or Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). This inspection is carried out through the review of the site property and accessing historic records through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) record requests to government agencies.

If a confirmed response to recognized environmental conditions (REC) or environmental liability contaminants is suspected, Dorson’s highly skilled team of consultants perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments via soil and groundwater sampling, geophysical and remote sensing surveying, and storage tank testing services. Providing these cost effective investigative services help to quantify the nature and extent of contaminant release and its soil and groundwater impact to successfully determine financial liability, cost of future remedial actions, and potential health hazards.

Remediation Solutions and Management
Certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) program that limits DEP oversight, Dorson has the knowledge and project management potential to formulate an achievable and effective remedial solution to the environmental problem at hand. As our client’s advocate, we construct an optimal remedial design with costs and both short- and long-term risk in mind. Continuous performance monitoring and reporting is a shared commodity with our clients as to keep a flow of communication directed towards a united goal.

Remediation technologies are constantly evolving, however, with our strategic partnerships of technology associates and innovative team of engineers conversant with the latest state and federal regulations, a practical and efficient remediation strategy will be developed.