environmental consulting, litigation support and insurance claims management


Bruce Stetson is the President of Dorson Environmental Management, Inc. His primary activity includes national expert legal support and consulting for insurance companies on complex claims. Mr. Stetson’s approach in the legal arena involves a synergistic or team approach to the case.  As the expert, he is well briefed by the attorney as to what the legal issues are. The attorney is well briefed by Mr. Stetson as to what the technical issues are. The outcome is a strategy which produces a very high percentage of success.

Mr. Stetson’s forty eight years of experience in environmental insurance claims handling support serves him well in defining, minimizing and closing claims that have the potential for large expenses and legal action.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the School of Technology, City College of NY.


  • 40 hr. Hazardous Waste Protection Certificate (HAZWOPER)
  • 8 hr. Supervisory HAZWOPER
  • USEPA AHERA/NYC Inspector/Investigator


Litigation Support

Expert Witness

Insurance Claims


Product Liability

Environmental Consulting

Toxic Tort


Construction Defect

Responsible Parties





Hazardous Waste

Mr. Stetson has participated in the resolution of numerous legal matters and claims including:

  • Participated in lawsuits involving personal injury resultant from chronic asbestos exposure. Working closely with the attorneys, he provided clear causation evidence which provided basis for resolution.
  • Utilizing his background in asbestos litigation, Mr. Stetson has partnered with attorneys representing manufacturers of pumps and other machinery who were involved in legal disputes. He has successfully assisted in the minimization or dismissal of each of these cases.
  • An upstate school district sought multi million dollar contributions to asbestos abatement. Mr. Stetson provided technical reporting which successfully deflected the responsibility to a previous contractor who had performed a substandard abatement.
  • In a lead (Pb) soil contaminated site in California involved in a major real estate deal, Mr. Stetson successfully reduced the demand by plaintiffs from twenty-five million to three million dollars. This was accomplished by successfully demonstrating to the court and regulatory agencies that the demand had no merit.
  • Exerted control in a product liability case where the participants were antagonistic to each other and threatening lawsuits. Working for a major insurance company, whose liability was potentially very large, Mr. Stetson stepped in and calmed the situation down and then provided technical support to resolve the matter.
  • Took charge of a major watershed pollution problem interacting with lawyers and insurance claims personnel to simplify the roles of the parties involved and establish control. The greatly minimized situation was resolved.


  • American Society of Safety Engineers (AS SE)
  • National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) American Conference of Government and Industrial Hygienists


  • Village Trustee for 21 years
  • Volunteer for Food Programs
  • Musician and Photographer
  • Guest speaker at various technical symposiums.

Mr. Stetson resides with his wife in Rockland County, NY. They have three children and six grandchildren.